Custom Embroidery Chch NZ , for great looking logos on Workwear NZ

Custom embroidery is a great way to add a professional touch to workwear uniforms, jackets, hats and other apparel. Designs are stitched directly on to the fabric providing a long-lasting and attractive way to showcase your brand or team. The logos are priced per 1000 stitches and you can use as many colours as you like at no extra cost.

What is Embroidery ?

  • Process of stitching to create artwork directly onto workwear nz and teamwear nz
  • Can be used to decorate workwear, hats, jackets teamwear and more
  • Custom monograms for unique logos and designs that stand out and look great.
  • Sizes from Small left chest size logos and up to large back logos are all done in our embroidery shop

Benefits of custom embroidery logos

A well placed business or team logo looks professional and is proudly worn by staff and team members.


Professional Look that lasts the lifetime of the garment

Well priced

Good for small and large runs of promotional products

Tips for Choosing a Custom Embroidery Logo

Consider Colour and Design

Size of text

Position of logo

Quality Materials to embroider on to

Fast Turnaround time embroidery nz

Best embroidery Christchurch

Faster Workwear and Design for workwear christchurch

  • Custom embroidery is an effective way to display logos and artwork on workwear and teamwear.
  • Benefits of custom embroidery include durability, a professional look and well priced.
  • When choosing a custom embroidery logo, research your options, consider colour and design, and be sure to use quality materials.
  • Business Logo or Team name noticed and remembered and is professional looking
  • Your brand worn proudly
  • Send us your design or logo for a free quote and an Embroidery visual
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